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“Exit Strategy” Tryptych by Ruth Keipp 20 x 60

“Night At The Cafe” by Marjorie Adams (Philadelphia School) 20 x 16 o/c

“Take Four” by Ruth Keipp 48 x 48 Acrylic

“Morning Mist, Italy” by Rosemary Connelly Acrylic on canvas

“Open Sea and Air” by Marcia Reed 36 x 36 oil on canvas

“Lunch At The Inn” (Perry Cabin) by Roger Dellar

Framed Bag Face on linen

“Eastport” by Sheryl Schmidt 8 x 10 oil on board

Still Life with Red Vase by Jane Perry – 16×20 Oil on Canvas

Sunny Day by Jean Doran – Oil on Board

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Tuscan Shadows by Marcia Reed 30 x30 oil on canvas

Blue Skies by Malcolm Ludvigsen 20 x24 oil on canvas

Lovely Spring by Malcolm Ludvigsen 20 x24 oil on canvas

Calm Back Covers by Marcia Reed WC

Gazebo by Steve Rogers Plein air

Egrets by Marcia Reed 25 x 33 Acrylic

Creek Bottom by Steve Rogers Plein air

Crimson Reflection by Malcolm Ludvigsen 8×10 oil on board

Windy Spring Day by Malcolm Ludvigsen

Beach Abstract by Malcolm Ludvigsen 12 x 16 oil on board

A July Day by Malcolm Ludvigsen 8 x 10 oil on hessian/board

Red Floral by Malcolm Ludvigsen 12 x 17 oil on board

City Riverscape by Jack Lewis 1956 13.5 x20 WC

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